Haunted Happenings Celebration Fun Facts


The annual Haunted Happenings Celebration in Salem is the city’s most anticipated time of the year. Packed with haunted tours, scenic views, exceptional entertainment, and rich history, the celebration is interactive and exciting. However, Salem has more than just Pagan and Witchcraft history! Here are some fun facts you probably didn’t know about Salem, MA!

Salem in Pop Culture

Salem is a historical city that has been used as the setting for many famous TV shows and movies, such as Bewitched, Hocus Pocus, Rob Zombie’s “The Lords of Salem,” and more! Salem’s rich history and unique culture make it a prime location for eerie cinematography.

Salem & Shalom

The word for peace in Hebrew is Shalom; the word Salem is the Hellenized form of this word. Therefore, Salem means peace

Parker Brothers Began in Salem

Originally named the St George S. Parker Company, the Parker Brothers game manufacturers that created favorite games such as Monopoly, sorry, Risk, Ouija, and Trivial Pursuit began their business in Salem, MA.

Road Closures

During the Haunted Happenings Celebration, there are several road closures due to parades and events within the community. From the start of the celebrations with the Grand Opening Parade on October 7th until the 31st of the month, there are scheduled closures that we recommend looking into before driving into Salem.

It’s Roger Conant… Not a Witch

Tourists and visitors often mistake the statue of Roger Conant for a statue of a witch. Roger Conant’s statue is near the Salem Witch Museum across from the Salem Common, and it is a memorial statue. He is the credited founder of Salem.

The Birthplace of the National Guard

In 1637, a muster was held at the Salem Common, where a regiment of militia was drilled for the common defense of a multi-community area for the first time. This was the origin of what later became the Army National Guard. In 2010, Deval Patrick signed an act designating Salem as the official birthplace of the National Guard, which was signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2013.

Tourist Revenue in Salem

Salem is visited by more than one million tourists every year. Salem brings in an annual tourist revenue of a shocking $100 million. Salem’s history and uniquely preserved culture make it a must-see destination for people worldwide!

Salem’s Sister City

Ota, Japan, became Salem’s official sister city in 1991, as an outgrowth of the century-old affiliation between Salem’s Peabody Essex Museum and the Ota Folk Museum. Ota, Japan, is located in Tokyo’s Metropolis and is home to several historic shrines, temples, scenic views, and unusual streets.

The Peabody Essex Museum

The Peabody Essex Museum was founded in 1799, the oldest continuously operating museum in America. The museum is in the heart of downtown Salem on Essex Street, home to world-renowned collections of art, history, architecture, and immersive experiences, including a 200-year-old house from China!

The Witch House

The Witch House is the last remaining structure directly tied to Salem’s historical Witch Trials of 1692. The home is believed to have been built between 1620 and 1642 and served as Judge Jonathan Corwin’s home. The Witch House is now a historical museum.

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