A typical hotel room only comes with a mini-fridge and a microwave. That might be enough to get by if you’re only staying the night, but a hotel with a kitchen is key during longer vacations, business travel, and multi-week extended stays. Here’s how having access to a full kitchen can enhance your traveling experience.

Save Money on Meals

Ordering lunch and dinner costs $30 to $40 per person per day. Clearly, eating out adds up fast! You can save a ton by cooking some of your meals in your hotel kitchen. The more you save on food, the more you can spend on other little pleasures, like getting a massage or buying souvenirs to take home.

Save and Reheat Leftovers

A hotel with a kitchenette means you don’t have to waste leftovers when eating out on vacation. Stick the to-go box in the fridge, and you’ll have a fast, easy meal for later. This helps you save even more money and reduces food waste.

Eat Healthier

Eating out isn’t the healthiest option, especially if you opt for fast food to save money. Make sure you get the nutrition you need while on vacation by eating healthy meals prepared in your in-room kitchen. A full-size fridge makes it easy to stock up on fresh produce, milk, yogurt, and other perishables.

Meal Prep with Food from Local Grocery Stores

If you’re traveling to a new part of the country, or even a different country altogether, you may have access to delis, bakeries, and other grocers with unique, local fare. With a kitchen in your hotel room, you get to experiment with unusual ingredients you may not have a chance to try again.

Eat on Your Own Schedule

It’s nice when hotels offer dinner, but these usually come with a costly surcharge and are only available for a few hours each day. If you don’t get the timing right, you could miss out on dinner. Fortunately, that’s never the case when you have your own hotel kitchen. You’ll love the option of preparing meals to your liking and according to your schedule.

Make Your Extended Stay Easier

If you’re in the middle of a move and need an extended stay hotel until your new house is ready, finding a hotel with a full kitchen is key. Not only do you enjoy all of the previously mentioned benefits, but you avoid having to unpack your dishes, glasses, silverware, and other kitchen gear, only to pack and move them again in a few short weeks.

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