If you frequently travel for business, you are probably familiar with the adverse effects this can have on your body. The following six healthy travel tips can help you avoid germs, keep your energy levels high, and promote good overall health on your next business trip.


Pack Disinfectant Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

Public transportation is infamous for spreading germs. The concern has only heightened since the pandemic began. Reduce your chances of getting sick by wiping down public surfaces—such as airplane and passenger train armrests, headrests, and food trays. Then, use hand sanitizer before eating if running water isn’t available.

Plan Ahead to Eat Healthy

Start by eating a filling meal before heading to the airport or train station. Then, pack healthy snacks in your luggage. You never know if you’ll be forced to skip a meal, so protein bars, trail mix, and dried fruit can be a real lifesaver. Then, make sure your hotel has at least a mini-fridge and microwave. If you can book a room with a full kitchen, even better! That way, you can cook some of your meals to avoid eating out all the time.

Make Time for Exercise

With the right travel workouts, you can exercise in your hotel room—no gym equipment needed! You’d be surprised what a difference a 10- or 20-minute workout each day can make during your business trip.

Fight Jetlag

Traveling from the Western US to Massachusetts is enough of a time difference to cause jetlag. Fight symptoms like daytime fatigue, difficulty staying alert, and general unwellness with these tips:

  • Start adjusting your schedule the day before your trip.
  • Travel during the day, if possible.
  • Eat snacks and drink water frequently.

Stay Hydrated

Whether you’re trying to fight jetlag or not, drinking enough water is important for staying healthy when traveling. This can help keep travel-related headaches and fatigue at bay without taking medicine or drinking caffeine. Carry a water bottle with you whenever possible, and take sips frequently. If you’re worried about finding a clean toilet, remember, you can always break out those disinfecting wipes!

Walk as Much as Possible

With access to an expense account, you may be tempted to hail a cab every time you need to go somewhere, even if it’s less than a mile away. Instead, commit to traveling on foot, which gives you physical exercise and helps clear your head between meetings.

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