Many situations justify temporary housing, whether for business, for pleasure, or out of pure necessity. Learn more about temporary housing to help you decide if it’s right for you.


What is Temporary Housing?

The purpose of temporary housing is to provide people with a place to live when a permanent dwelling is unavailable or impractical. Temporary housing comes in many forms, including short-term rentals and extended stay hotels, ranging in size from studio-style layouts to two-bedroom apartments to single-family homes. Most temporary accommodations are fully furnished and include utilities in the price, providing residents with everything they need to be comfortable until they can return to a permanent living situation.

Who Uses Temporary Housing?

Many people benefit from short-term accommodations, the affordable alternative to staying in a regular hotel for weeks on end. Here are some examples:

  • Traveling nurses: Move-in-ready apartments are perfect for medical professionals who only work in one city for a few months before moving somewhere new. It’s especially beneficial if you can find a temporary living situation near the hospital.
  • Movie stars: Actors, directors, and others involved in movie-making often require temporary housing for a few months while the film is in production. Modern, convenient short-term rentals fill this need perfectly.
  • Business people: Those who travel for business need somewhere to stay while attending workshops, conventions, or training sessions. With fully equipped kitchens and furnished living spaces, you’ll feel right at home in a short-term rental.
  • People relocating to a new city: Maybe your lease is up, or your home sells before you find a new place. Perhaps your job requires you to report immediately, but your family isn’t ready to join you yet. Or you might want to try out a new city before committing to a long-term lease or mortgage. No matter the case, temporary housing is the solution.
  • Homeowners displaced by disasters: House fires, floods, and natural disasters can make it unsafe or downright impossible to continue living at home. Fortunately, your insurance provider should help you find a temporary, fully furnished place to live while the repairs are underway.
  • Family of hospitalized people: Finding out that your out-of-town loved one is in the hospital is devastating news. Short-term rentals let you stay as long as you need to without the high cost of a standard hotel room.
  • Extended vacationers: It’s nice to get away for more than a few nights at a time. Temporary housing is more comfortable and more affordable than paying for a hotel on your extended summer getaway.

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