As the business travel landscape continues to evolve, so do the preferences of business travelers. An increasing number of business travelers are now choosing to stay in extended stay hotels rather than apartments when they travel for work. Read on to learn why this trend is occurring.



Extended stay hotels are often more affordable than apartments. When you factor in the cost of a lease, utilities, and other expenses, an extended stay hotel can be much cheaper than an apartment. This is especially true if you are traveling for an extended period. Other reasons hotels are cheaper than apartments include:

  • Hotels offer discounts for extended stays.
  • You can often find deals on hotels that include free breakfast or other amenities.
  • Hotels are typically located near business districts, so you won’t have to spend extra on transportation costs.
  • Apartment rentals usually require a security deposit, whereas hotels do not.


You Can Take Advantage of the Business Center for Faxes and Copies

If you’re an extended stay hotel or a business traveler, chances are you’ve stayed in a hotel that offers a business center. These centers are designed to offer travelers a place to work, relax, and stay connected while on the road.

A typical hotel business center will offer a variety of services, including:

  • Computers with internet access
  • Printing, copying, and faxing services
  • Secretarial services
  • Conference rooms
  • Catering services

Having these services on hand can save you both time and money!


You Don’t Have to Worry About Maintenance or Repairs

Choosing an extended stay hotel over an apartment when you’re traveling for business means, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs. The hotel staff will take care of everything for you. And if something does go wrong, you can just call the front desk and they’ll send someone to fix it right away.


Hotels Offer More Flexibility

Extended stay hotels offer much more flexibility than apartments. Business travelers often need to be able to change their plans at the last minute, and extended stay hotels make it easy to do so. With an apartment, you typically must sign a lease, which can make it difficult to change your plans.


Hotels Deliver Better Security

Extended stay hotels tend to have more robust security features than apartments or other types of residential properties. Some of the common security features that you might find at an extended stay hotel include 24-hour surveillance cameras, on-site security personnel, secured entryways, and limited access to guest rooms.

Additionally, many extended stay hotels now offer guests the option to use electronic keycards or other types of digital locks, which can further deter crime.


Convenient Locations Mean You Save Money on Gas

Extended stay hotels are usually located in convenient locations near airports and other transportation hubs, making it easy for business travelers to get around.


You Have Access to All the Hotel Amenities

Hotels offer a wide range of amenities that you just can’t find in an apartment. From pools and hot tubs to on-site restaurants and bars, hotels have it all. And, of course, there’s the added bonus of room service! If you’re looking for a truly luxurious lifestyle, hotel living is the way to go.


You Don’t Have to Worry About Furniture or Décor

Hotel living has its perks. You don’t have to worry about furniture or decor, and you can usually get a pretty good rate on your room.


You Always Have Someone to Receive Packages When You’re Gone

One of the biggest advantages of hotel living is that you always have someone to receive your packages when you’re gone. This can be a huge relief if you’re traveling for work or pleasure and don’t want to worry about your mail piling up at home.

If you are a business traveler who is looking for a more flexible and affordable option, then an extended stay hotel may be right for you. With more amenities and a lower price tag, extended stay hotels offer everything that business travelers need to make their trip successful.

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