What kind of traveler are you? Do you typically travel for work or for pleasure? When you get somewhere, do you like to spread out and relax? While a traditional vacation rental can be enjoyable, we think an extended-stay hotel is better for anyone traveling more than a night or two. Here’s why.

If you typically stay in a hotel, you’re lacking two basic components of normal living space: the living room and the kitchen. While hotels may have a microwave and a mini-fridge, an extended stay hotel is built with full kitchens in the guest spaces. This allows you to shop and cook, which saves money on food while you’re on vacation. It also gives you the opportunity to explore the local farmer’s markets and cook like a local.
Extended stay hotels also have living rooms, which means you can entertain, work, or just hang out somewhere without a bed. You’ll feel more at home in an extended stay hotel than you do at a traditional hotel.

Extended stay hotels are great for families and business travelers. They provide ample space for family members to hang out without being on top of each other, and the homey atmosphere makes them feel comfortable. Business travelers appreciate the opportunity to stay in one place while on an extended business trip, with the ability to entertain guests or get work done in a quiet, spacious room.

Of course, a vacation rental like an apartment or house will have additional living space and a kitchen as well. So, what makes an extended stay hotel better than that kind of vacation rental? For one thing, they’re more predictable. You can rent an apartment from someone and end up finding out it doesn’t live up to your expectations. With an extended stay hotel, you can be confident that you’re staying in a professionally managed property. You’ll also get the amenities you’d expect from a hotel, like free high-speed Wi-Fi and extra linens when you need them, while those things might not be available in a vacation rental. Finally, extended stay hotels are generally a much more cost-effective option than a hotel or a vacation rental. The longer you need to stay, the lower your nightly rate is likely to be.

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