When the time comes to book a hotel for your vacation, weekend getaway, or corporate trip, you want to know exactly what to expect before you arrive. Doing your research ahead of time is the key to ensuring you aren’t caught off-guard. Use these insider tips for choosing a hotel online.


Make a List of Must-Haves

If you don’t know what you want, how can you hope to pick the right hotel? Before beginning your search, write down everything you need to have a pleasant stay. This might include free Wi-Fi, free parking, a fully equipped kitchen, and separate living/sleeping areas. Do you have a service animal or require a ground-floor room? Make sure these essentials are covered before you consider things like room decor, the view, and TV size.

At The Beverly Hotel, we can accommodate all of the above needs and much more. We offer an innovative concept that combines the best qualities of hotels and vacation rentals into one. Let us know your other must-haves, and we’ll help you find a studio or one-bedroom apartment that fits your needs!

Check the Hotel’s Website

It’s common to look for hotel deals from third parties, but the hotel’s website is the best place to learn about recent policy changes, added amenities, or renovations. Also, feel free to call the hotel directly if you can’t find answers to your questions online.

Locate the Hotel on a Map

A fun getaway is all about location, location, location. If you don’t know where your hotel is relative to where you plan to spend your time, you might be disappointed when you arrive. Don’t take vague descriptions like “easy access” for granted—look up the hotel’s address on a mapping site to pinpoint its exact location.

The Beverly is situated in the bustling neighborhood of North Beverly, less than a half-mile from nearby shopping, dining, and beaches. We’re also 0.1 miles, or a mere two-minute walk, from North Beverly station. Plus, some of the region’s most charming historic towns and monuments are within an hour’s drive.

Find Out the Hotel’s Main Clientele

Are you staying for just a night or hoping for an extended stay? Are you traveling for business or leisure? Are you a solo traveler or vacationing with your family? You’re likely to have the best experience if the hotel often caters to travelers like you.

At The Beverley, our typical visitors range from casual overnighters to extended-stay guests, from business professionals to leisure travelers. If you’re looking for a clean, modern hotel room with a full kitchen and plenty of room for up to three people, then we can accommodate you!

Book Your Hotel Stay

The Beverly is everything you want and more from a hotel in Beverly, MA. We offer the benefits of staying in a hotel with the freedom of self-check-in, keyless entry, and 24/7 mobile concierge. Ready to experience the future of hospitality for yourself? Book your stay at The Beverly or contact us at 978-773-9853 for more information.