There are many reasons someone might choose to stay in an extended-stay rental. Home renovation, corporate travel, and lengthy vacations are all traditional reasons for choosing extended-stay lodging. In today’s changing global economy, though, there are also more people becoming digital nomads, working remotely as they explore the world. If you decide to spend some time at an extended stay hotel, how long can you stay?

What’s the difference between an extended stay hotel and a traditional hotel? First, an extended stay hotel is more like an apartment than a traditional hotel room. It will feel homier and have a kitchen, so that you don’t have to eat out every single meal. Extended stay rentals are also more cost effective than hotels. They’re set up to reward longer stays with lower nightly rates. But how long can those stays last?

The general rule of thumb is that guests can stay as long as they want. Hotel stays are regulated on a state level, and in some states, long-term clients are granted certain rights, including tax reductions. There are usually policies in place regarding extending a stay. These policies govern rates for different length of stays, as well as rules for extending a stay after it’s booked.

Post-COVID travel is different than what it used to be, and the market is changing. Increasingly, hoteliers are working to understand the changing needs of their clients so that they can adapt their properties to meet those needs. With long-term stays, these needs may include services like comfortable outdoor space, a kitchen, and access to laundry facilities. Suites and small apartments can be configured in such a way that guests can stay indefinitely.

Some hotels have a maximum number of days guests are allowed to stay, based on local regulations. There are workarounds, like having guests make two different bookings for a lengthy stay. However, in some cases guests are considered tenants after a certain length of time, and therefore obligated to pay certain fees that a temporary hotel guest would not have to pay. The best option, when booking lodging at an extended stay hotel, is to ask about the policies in place at that particular location.

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