Moving is physically exhausting, emotionally taxing, and financially draining. That’s why you should embrace every opportunity to make moving easier. One idea is to find a temporary place to live while waiting to move into your permanent new home. In-between housing comes in several forms, including fully furnished short-term rentals and extended stay hotels. Here’s how these temporary accommodations promote easy moving.


  • You have time to find your forever home: You can’t always get the timing right. Maybe your lease is up, or your home sells before you find a new place. Perhaps your job requires immediate reporting, but your family isn’t ready to join you right away. With in-between housing, these scenarios are no problem. You can stay as long as you need while looking for a permanent new home.
  • In-between housing is flexible: Perhaps you’re hopeful about finding a new apartment or closing on a house within a few weeks. But if it turns out you need to stay longer than you originally thought, it should be easy to extend your stay. Plus, you only need to give 15 or 30 days’ notice before moving out.
  • You can try living in a new city or neighborhood before committing: If you’re relocating to a city you’ve never lived in or even visited before, it’s natural to feel unsure about where you want to live. Before you sign a long-term lease or take out a mortgage, test the waters with a short-term rental.
  • There’s no need to sign a lease or make a security deposit: Regular apartments may require a six-month lease. Even if the complex is month-to-month, you may have to undergo a credit check and pay a costly security deposit before moving in. Short-term rentals have no such requirements.
  • Short-term rentals include all major appliances and furnishings: Don’t worry about bringing your furniture or appliances with you—your furnished short-term rental provides them! This simplifies the logistics of moving, allowing you to store all but the essentials until you relocate to your permanent home.
  • In-between housing is move-in ready: In addition to appliances and furnishings, most short-term rentals also have cookware, tableware, toiletries, and linens for your convenience. The utilities are also ready to go, so you can begin using the internet, electricity, gas, and water with no setup required.
  • Short-term rentals offer luxurious amenities: Depending on where you stay, many additional services may be included in the rate, such as free parking, housekeeping, and clean bedding and towels upon request.

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