Have you heard of a serviced apartment? It’s a fully furnished apartment that can be rented for either a short-term or long-term stay, and has a wide range of amenities, including housekeeping, included in the rental price. While this might sound to you like a hotel, the two types of properties are actually quite different. What are the differences? And how can you go about finding a serviced apartment?

First, let’s compare and contrast a serviced apartment with traditional hotels.

  • Serviced apartments feel more like a home, with facilities that make it easier to function. You’ll have room to stretch out, with privacy and the comforts of home.
  • A serviced apartment is generally much larger than a hotel room. Even a studio apartment is bigger and more functional than a hotel room, but you can find serviced apartments in different configurations to meet your needs.
  • Renting a serviced apartment is much more economical than taking a hotel room. This is not just because of the rental rate but also because having a full kitchen will allow you to save money on your food budget.
  • When you rent a serviced apartment, you get to experience the culture of the community by being immersed in it. By contrast, hotel rooms all look alike and keep you somewhat isolated from other people in the neighborhood.


There are different types of serviced apartment. Some are almost like a hotel apartment, with facilities you’d expect in a hotel, like a gym, bar, and concierge services. Others are within residential neighborhoods, similarly-equipped to other apartments in the area. Sometimes, serviced apartments are entire residential properties, though they’re still called serviced apartments. Whether you’re renting a short-term or extended-stay apartment, serviced apartments are convenient, private, and comfortable.

So, how do you find a serviced apartment? Providers of serviced apartments often have their own online booking facilities. Online booking sites also offer serviced apartments, but they generally don’t differentiate between those apartments and hotel rooms. You can also talk to an independent booking agent, who can help you find the serviced hotel that’s the best option for you.

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