Do you often travel on business? Perhaps you enjoy taking your family on extended summer vacations. Or maybe you need a temporary place to stay while renovating or building a new home. No matter the case, you need temporary housing that meets the requirements of your stay. If you’re debating between an extended stay hotel and a short-term apartment, compare the two to help you decide what’s best for your situation.


Short-Term Apartments


Renting a short-term apartment may be right for you if:

  • You want a larger living space: Apartments have more square feet than a typical hotel room. Having space to spread out and find some privacy is especially important if you’re staying with other people.
  • Your family or travel companions prefer separate sleeping areas: Since apartments tend to have individual bedrooms, everyone can enjoy sleeping in a private area. This is an absolute must if you learn that someone you’re traveling with snores.
  • You want in-unit appliances: Since short-term apartments can be converted into long-term accommodations at a moment’s notice, they typically come with a washer, dryer, and fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette. In the case of a furnished apartment, you’ll also find all the cookware and tableware you need for your stay.
  • You’re hoping to rent in a suburban area: Hotels often line highways to attract travelers looking for a last-minute place to stay. However, you’re more likely to find a short-term apartment in an inviting, residential setting.


Extended Stay Hotels


Staying in an extended stay hotel could be the better choice if:

  • You’re looking for the most economical option: While prices vary by location and amenities, hotels tend to be more budget-friendly. The longer you stay, the more this factor may affect your decision.
  • You want hotel amenities at your fingertips: Things like room service, housekeeping, and clean linens and towels upon request are desirable features of extended stay hotels.
  • You want to stay in a convenient location: If you’re looking for in-town accommodations within walking distance of convention centers, public transportation, restaurants, shops, and other attractions, you’re more likely to find a hotel that meets your needs.
  • You’re eager for a flexible rental and easy renewal process: A hotel can accommodate you without the formal credit check, lease signing, and utility setup required when renting a short-term apartment. This also simplifies the renewal process if you need to extend your visit.


Book Your Stay at The Beverly


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