Do you travel for business? A global industry, corporate travel has had a major impact on the hotel industry. Often, people stay in hotels when they travel, but another option for extended business travel is corporate housing. What’s the difference? And is there a clear advantage to one or the other? Here are seven differences between corporate housing and hotels, with some insight on which is a better option.

  1. In corporate housing, you have more room to spread out. The average hotel room doesn’t offer much square footage; it’s typically between 330 and 375 feet. In a short-term rental used for corporate housing, you can expect to far exceed this size, doubling or even tripling the amount of room you’re allotted.
  2. Hotels don’t typically offer a kitchen. Sometimes, extended stay hotels will offer a kitchenette, but most of the time a hotel kitchen limits you to a microwave and a mini fridge. In corporate housing, you’ll have a full-sized kitchen, stocked with the basic necessities, so that you can cut down on your expenses by cooking food where you’re staying.
  3. Corporate housing tends to be in better neighborhoods. While hotels are often located in high-traffic areas or near airports, serviced apartments tend to be in residential neighborhoods. This affords business travelers the opportunity to live like a local, even if it’s only temporary.
  4. Many hotels charge for Wi-Fi. Because corporate housing is set up for business travelers, Wi-Fi is included in the rate, so that occupants can get their work done while they’re staying there.
  5. A corporate housing apartment will have a homier feel. Hotel rooms are sterile, and they all look essentially the same. When you’re staying in corporate housing, you’ll have ample storage space, fully equipped bathrooms, and the option to bring in some personal décor. You can make yourself at home because for as long as you’re there, you’re home.
  6. Hotels don’t usually have separate rooms. Even extended stay hotels are often set up like studio apartments, with very little definition between living, dining, and sleeping space. Corporate housing offers a separate living space, appropriate for relaxing, working, or even entertaining guests.
  7. Corporate housing is more cost-effective. You might assume that a hotel stay is cheaper than leasing a serviced apartment, but this is not the case. In fact, hotels can cost twice as much as corporate housing. Typically, the longer you stay in a short-term rental, the lower your nightly rate will be.

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