Global business travel is a lucrative market and generating lots of revenue for hotels that know just what to offer. Anyone traveling for business purposes is considered a business traveler. The demands of guests are changing and so amenities must, too. Here is a guide to help you attract business travelers to your hotel.

Who are business travelers?

This diverse group of travelers represents a diverse group of demographics, ages, and job positions. There is also diversity in travel purposes. Conferences, meetings, and company retreats are just a few reasons that business travelers may need a hotel.

The largest population of business travelers are millennials, born between 1981 and 1996. Part of what defines the typical millennial is the need to be social while connecting with smartphones and social media. There is also an independence and confidence in being able to plan trips without the assistance of a travel agent.

What Business Travelers Need

Branding is a big deal and will cater to groups. Business travelers will be looking for similar provisions.

  1. High-speed Wi-Fi
    Being time efficient is a must. Business will be done online making free, fast, reliable internet an expectation.
  2. Meeting Spaces and Workstations
    Rooms should be equipped with a workstation that provides sufficient lighting, power outlets, and a desk and chair that provide space and comfort. Onsite meeting spaces are also important to help provide the ability to meet to collaborate without being required to travel to a meeting space.
  3. Easy Check-In
    Offering contactless 24/7, hassle free check in will make any jet-lagged traveler happy!
  4. Complete Contactless Experience
    Contactless check-in is great. Making the entire experience contactless is becoming the way to be! There are now digital tools that can manage upgrades and upsells for you through smartphone notifications, making your work easier and more convenient.
  5. Make it Personal
    Business guests have different demands than other guests. Making their experience personalized can be effective. This is another way that digital tools can help reach this specific cliental.
  6. Transportation
    Offering transportation services, especially to and from the airport, will ensure that business travelers have your hotel on their radar.
  7. Professional Provisions
    Looking professional for meetings is a priority for business travelers. Providing a full-length mirror, iron, ironing board, hair dryer and suit hangers will help your guests prepare to meet the challenges of their trip.

The Beverly

If you are a business professional traveling to Beverly, MA, The Beverly is ready for you! Located near Beverly Hospital, Cummings Center, and multiple local colleges. Our 20 extended stay apartments include free Wi-Fi, free parking, fully equipped kitchen, hair dryers and laundry. The North Beverly Train Station is moments away and will make transportation easy. The Beverly neighborhood brings a perfect balance of location, comfort, and convenience. While you’re coming for business, there are also possibilities to retreat to nearby museums, theaters, restaurants, parks, and beaches. Book your business travel today! Contact us at 978-773-9853.