Are you working on selling your home and moving to Beverly, MA? Getting the timing right can be incredibly tricky. Likewise, maybe you’re renovating your home, traveling on business, or having your in-laws visit for a few weeks. Whatever the case, an extended stay hotel can act as your home away from home until life gets back to normal. Here are six reasons to use a hotel for temporary housing when you need it.


You Can Move in on Short Notice

Maybe you sold your house fast—much faster than expected—and now you’re scrambling for a place to live. Short-term apartment rentals aren’t always easy to get into, especially on short notice. But call an extended stay hotel in Beverly, and you’ll likely have the option to move in within a few days.

Extended Stay Hotels are Fully Furnished

Unlike many short-term apartment rentals, extended stay hotels have all the furnishings you need to get by for a few weeks or even months, preventing you from moving your furniture twice. Many suites even have in-room kitchens with full-size appliances. This is just what you need to prepare home-cooked meals, saving you the expense of eating out all the time.

You Have Access to Linens, Dishware & Toiletries

Not only do you get to avoid moving your furniture twice—you don’t even have to unpack your household goods! With bedding, towels, dishes, and toiletries at your disposal, there’s very little you need to unpack, saving you time and stress.

Extended Stay Hotels Have All the Services You Need

Expect the same amenities and utilities you get when booking a short-term hotel stay, including free parking, internet, electricity, water, and sewer. Plus, you even have access to housekeeping once or twice a week, something you’d never get from a short-term apartment rental.

You’ll Feel Like You’re on Vacation

Extended stay hotels are often more comfortable and convenient than an actual house! Plus, when you choose one located in a bustling city center, you can take advantage of the proximity to tourist-like destinations, such as shopping, restaurants, beaches, and spas.

The Arrangement is Flexible & Affordable

In an apartment situation, you’re often forced to pay in one-month increments. Extended stay hotels are a more flexible temporary housing option, allowing you to pay by the week. Expect a hefty discount off the usual nightly rate the longer you stay, saving you money in the long run over a short-term apartment.

Book Your Extended Stay at The Beverly

The Beverly is a different kind of extended stay hotel. Our premium-serviced apartments combine contemporary living with modern technology for maximum convenience. We’re situated in the bustling neighborhood of North Beverly, offering walkable access to North Beverly station and numerous nearby amenities. With 24-hour mobile concierge, keyless entry, and self-check-in, you’re in control of your extended stay. Ready to experience the future of hospitality for yourself? Book your stay at The Beverly or contact us at 978-773-9853 for more information.