Is an Airbnb or Hotel Right for Your Next Trip?


Travel happens for different reasons. Vacations, business trips, and events provide a variety of needs, including different amenities and conveniences to consider when deciding if you should get a hotel or an Airbnb. Vacations may be more enjoyable with a living room, dining area, and kitchen, making an Airbnb the right choice. Take a deeper look into your specific needs and make the choice that’s best for you.

Why would I choose an Airbnb over a hotel?

Airbnb accommodations offer comforts and conveniences of a home and are in pretty much any location around the world. Private homeowners rent spaces for the specific time of your travel needs and there’s no need to share spaces like in hotel stays. Airbnb rentals can be searched online, just as with a hotel, and a variety of location and price options are available. Airbnb’s are rated and reviewed so that you can guarantee the space will be clean and ready for you.

Amenities in an Airbnb outrank those of a hotel. Being residential-like facilities, kitchens, dining areas, living rooms, multiple bathrooms, possibly laundry facilities, and often free parking are included. A hotel suite may provide some of these for additional fees.

Airbnbs, like hotels, offer long-term stay at a discounted rate. If your travel requires you to stay for weeks or months, more peace and comfort may be better found in an Airbnb.

Safety and Quality

Is a hotel or Airbnb safer? When it comes to germs, crowds have much to offer. There’s nothing like getting on an elevator and realizing that you’re right next to someone feeling unwell. Airbnbs offer privacy and that brings less exposure to germs.

Cleanliness and availability to solve problems are something to consider. Hotels may have more available staff to provide daily housekeeping, solve WiFi issues. Airbnbs are managed by a host who would need to be contacted about any needs and response times may vary. Airbnb “Plus” means that someone has personally gone to the property to guarantee the quality, providing additional peace of mind.

Additional Things to Consider

Read the policies for both hotels and Airbnb locations clearly stated on websites. Airbnb hosts set their own policies and may, at times, be easier to work with if something happens.

Many hotels have loyalty programs and accumulating points may eventually result in staying for free. Airbnb does not have a loyalty program, but some credit cards offer points for staying in an Airbnb, so those points can apply.

Make the choice

Airbnb or hotel? Consider your specific travel needs and make an informed decision. If you’re ever traveling to Beverly, MA, consider The Beverly your destination! Our extended stay hotel offers many amenities of both a hotel and an Airbnb. Our rooms have a kitchen and some provide separate bedrooms. We offer digital check-in and 24-hour mobile concierge services. Book your stay in one of our 20 suites or contact us at 978-773-9853 for more information.